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CLP ( Cleaner, Lubricant, and Protectant) "Treat Your Beard Like You Treat Your Guns"

Our Dashfire Beard Oil "CLP" is a hand blended mix of Carrier Oils such as Argan, Coconut, Apricot, and Jojoba. As well as a selection of Essential oils such as Black Spruce, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Lemongrass, and Cedarwood.




  • BEARD: Massage into beard, this usually works best after a shower. The amount needed will depend on your beard length, but it can range from half a dropper to a few droppers full. Find what works for you and what your preference is. This will help grow, thicken, moisturize, protect, and strengthen your Dashfire Beard. Tip: If you don’t want leftover oil on your hands just run it through your hair.
  • HAIR: Same recommendation for applying as your beard. It can help thicken your hair, as well as tame it and help with split ends.
  • SKIN: Just as everyone’s hair is different, so is your skin. Apply as needed for hydration. This will also help tighten pores to prevent blackheads, and prevent ingrown hairs.
  • INGREDIENTS: Listed on the bottle
  • Follow this routine daily for maximum results


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
L R Burris
CLP is *it*

I cannot stand the aroma of traditional after shave, and if you have sensitive skin you know how irritating the perfumes, dyes, and alcohol they contain can be. CLP is the problem solver. A beard oil that also works as a natural balm and after shave for sensitive skin, and smells incredible on top of all that. We've tried other Dashfire scents and this is the fav so far, but they're all great and natural and a must for anyone with facial hair.

Jose Alaniz
CLP Beard Oil

I will never use any oil on my beard again! This oil not only smells amazing but has some of my favorite essential oils as well. Since I started using this product I have also noticed my beard is considerably softer that the last product I was using. Thank you for bringing such an awesome product to market!

J.D. Hat Guy
Didnt know what to expect...

I've generally used beard products bought for me by the mrs. When I received the CLP beard oil, I was amazed.

First off, I could feel the difference in this oil vs chain store brands. When I put the drops in my palm to spread through my beard... I cant really explain it, but it felt cleaner than the other junk.

I love the scent and it lasts all day but isnt overwhelming like a frat-boy body spray.

Thanks Dashfire for the great oils!

Brandyn Cox
One hell of a beard oil

Attention on Deck! I purchased some beard oil from Joseph Gibbons’ Company Dashfire Beards, and I have a complaint. The patriotic eagle that flew out of my now majestic and free beard has gone out of control and now has me in the front lean and rest. Lol. In all seriousness, it’s a fantastic product, received it within a week of ordering it, and you get email/text notifications when you purchase it, when it ships, and when it is delivered. Beard feels nice and smooth and smells great, not that it wasn’t great before, but not the point. Thanks Joseph for the great product and I’ll be buying from you again.

Evan Clay
Review for the skeptic

This is my cousin's beard oil and you might be thinking that that makes me biased which I'll let you come to that conclusion yourself. I've known about this guy's beard oil business for years. Always avoided trying it out. I even lived with the guy for SIX MONTHS! Still would not budge. I guess I just thought it was a silly concept. My beard was just fine without any help from some oil. He never pushed me to try it though. He asked a few times if I would, but respected my wishes when I refused. It wasn't until he left a bottle in my apartment by accident that I was a bit curious and decided to give it a go. THIS SHIT IS THE BOMB GUYS. And contrary to what you might think I did not have low expectations. I had heard reviews he had relayed to me, in passing, from various sources-- all saying that this was quality oil and that when they tried it they were "surprised at how good it was." I had high hopes for CLP and I was not disappointed, in the least. This product smells good, it feels good, no itching, it has the sweet citrus smell that WILL intoxicate (in the best way) the ladies (true story), as well as the underlying notes of woodsy manliness for maintaining your own masculine self-esteem. If you're looking for a quality product you needn't look any further. If you are NOT looking just have your cousin (or best friend) buy a bottle and leave it in your apartment ;)