• Dashfire: /daSH ˈfī(ə)r/ Vigor, manliness.

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Serve Your Beard Like You Served Your Country

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Veteran Owned & Operated

Joseph, the founder of Dashfire Beards, was born and raised in Alaska and moved out of state when he joined the Marines at the age of 18. He was in the Marines for 5 years and was a Plane Captain on Cobra and Huey helicopters. He inspected them and performed maintenance on them to make sure that they were safe for flight, so that pilots could carry out the mission and return home safely.

Amazing Oil

"I have used many oils before in an attempt to tame my curly beard with no luck and a ton a excess oil making me shine like a new penny. This did the exact opposite, its tamed by beard better than any other oil and left ZERO Shine to my skin... 10/10 I'll be buying it again as soon as its gone.

Korey Shaffer- Till Valhalla Project Founder


I loved the original one and this one blew it away. Makes my beard super soft and my wife loves it. What a perfect blend. Worth every penny. I would pay double for it.

Jake A McCluskey


"I just want to say something about this product real quick. It f*cking smells like Christmas. The same Christmas back in 1776 when George Washington crossed the Delaware River before surprise attacking the Hessian forces during the American Revolutionary War..."

Steve Hall

Miracle Grow for Your Face

"First tried it and it smells like Christmas and consequently adds 20lbs to your bench press max. Accident? I think not. This stuff is as good as it gets. Beard growth has been incredible and folks noticed a difference in ten days.... As a first time beard oil purchase, this will be all I ever use."

Jonathan George

Tried and True

Can't say enough how much I've enjoyed the beard oil. I've been using it practically every day for over 8 months... What impressed me most is how it eradicated my dry skin within just a few days, especially during winter and dry desert environment I live & work in... Great company and quality product!

Hunter Register- USMC Veteran

Customer Satisfaction

We Can't Without You..... Literally

We use Carrier and Essential oils in each of our bottles, which are carefully measured and packaged by our family. Without you as our customer we would not exist. You are the reason we get to deliver our product. We want you to be satisfied with your product, so please write us reviews and follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

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