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Our Dashfire Beard Oil Combo takes our blends and offers an even bigger discount to save you money! Can't decide which one you want? Try both! Want to buy both and save money? Do it! Or head over to the Dashfire Trio and get all three!




  • BEARD: Massage into beard, this usually works best after a shower. The amount needed will depend on your beard length, but it can range from half a dropper to a few droppers full. Find what works for you and what your preference is. This will help grow, thicken, moisturize, protect, and strengthen your Dashfire Beard. Tip: If you don’t want leftover oil on your hands just run it through your hair.
  • HAIR: Same recommendation for applying as your beard. It can help thicken your hair, as well as tame it and help with split ends.
  • SKIN: Just as everyone’s hair is different, so is your skin. Apply as needed for hydration. This will also help tighten pores to prevent blackheads, and prevent ingrown hairs.
  • INGREDIENTS: Listed on the bottle
  • Follow this routine daily for maximum results

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Michael Rickard
Great product

Great smell

Steve Smith-Elliott
Best beard oil made

This line of beard oils is an awesome part of taking care of my beard... it keeps it soft and my wife loves the way it feels and smells

Great beard oil

My Husband’s beard is so soft and smells sooooo good. I highly recommend you buy from Dashfire Beards.

Dante Galindo

Awesome product. Helps keep my beard moisturized, and trained daily.

100% Fire Emoji

I would definitely recommend Dashfire Beard oils to everyone. Even those who don't have beards, buy it and give it to a bearded beauty and change their bearded life forever!!
For months I used thebeardclub beard oil and I put up with the itchiness thinking it was part of the process. My beard felt dry all the time and it wasn't a great experience.
Joe reached out to me about his product and if you've seen his beard you'll be convinced, "this guy knows what he's doing."
I've only used the product for a week now and my beard is feeling better than ever and Dashfire beard oils smell great leaving a fresh manly smell in that beastly beard.
I alternate between the two so I couldn't tell which I prefer, both have a great minty mixed smell to them so you cant go wrong!!

HIGHLY RECOMMEND ******* 7 stars