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Zero Dark Thirty

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Our Dashfire Beard Oil "Zero Dark Thirty" is a hand blended mix of Sweet Almond oil & Coconut oil for carrier oils infused with coffee bean oil from another veteran-owned business "Got Your 6 Coffee"! Love the smell of coffee?? Try our novelty blend "Zero Dark Thirty" to smell the coffee all day long!




  • BEARD: Massage into beard, this usually works best after a shower. The amount needed will depend on your beard length, but it can range from half a dropper to a few droppers full. Find what works for you and what your preference is. This will help grow, thicken, moisturize, protect, and strengthen your Dashfire Beard. Tip: If you don’t want leftover oil on your hands just run it through your hair.
  • HAIR: Same recommendation for applying as your beard. It can help thicken your hair, as well as tame it, and help with split ends.
  • SKIN: Just as everyone’s hair is different, so is your skin. Apply as needed for hydration. This will also help tighten pores to prevent blackheads, and prevent ingrown hairs.
  • INGREDIENTS: Listed on the bottle
  • Follow this routine daily for maximum results

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Great stuff

Great scent and just the right viscosity. Thank you - will be back for more.